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Practice Areas 1: Children and Family Law:


 Children Work (Private Child Law):

The Children Act 1989 is central to the law concerning the care of children in England and Wales. This covers both "private" and Public Law - The law governs the arrangements and disputes between individuals within the family and "public" child law - when local authority intervene in family life.


We can help you, if you are a litigant in person and looking for assistance in the following matters: 

Parental Responsibility Orders (parental rights),

Child Arrangements Order (previously called residence and contact orders)

The non-resident parents rights,

Counsel Assistance and Representation

Litigation Support

Step Parents Rights

Grandparents Rights

Private Child Law Proceedings 

Special Guardianship Order 


Family work:


We understand that family work can be emotionally draining especially where the parents could be making one of the most difficult decisions of their lives. With this in mind, we always work with our client with the highest standard of care.


We can help you, as a litigant in person if you and looking for assistance in the following areas:

Drafting legal separation Agreement (pre and post-nuptial),

Drafting Consent Orders

Drafting Divorce Petition,

Unmarried partners (Cohabitation),

Financial and Property Settlement (Please read more at practice area 2)

Money in divorce (Debt and Financial worries)

Counsel Assistance at Court and Litigation Support (License Access given to the firm by the Bar Standard Board)

Assisting you at Court as McKenzie Friend if you cannot afford barrister's fees. Please read our MF page for more information


Domestic Violence:

Injunctions (The Law):

The law that enables victims of domestic violence to make an application to the Court for an injunction can be found under Family Law Act 1996 Part IV. In Short, the law requires that firstly the applicant and the respondent are associated persons. This associated persons includes e.g. spouses and former spouses, civil partners and former civil partners, cohabitants and former cohabitants and peoples who have a child together.  Secondly, the applicant is at risk of significant harm attributable to the conduct of the respondent.

Once you satisfies the above two requirements, you are able to apply to the Courts for an injunction.

Please read more on Court Orders.


Court Orders:

There are two types of injunctions.

Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders.

The Non-Molestation can be applied without notice and on-notice. The on-notice is where an application is made to the Court and is then listed for Hearing and the other party is given notice to attend Court. The without notice is where the application  is made to the Court without giving notice to the other party to attend Court.

If you are looking at applying for these Orders, we may be able to help you as a litigant in person drafting the application and witness statement without notice to the Court and arrange representation for you when a return date is given.


Integrated Practice (CAF):

Integrated practice, incorporating the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), is a key part of delivering services that are focused around the needs of children and young people. It is also the co-ordination of good working practices and relationships with parents/carers and other practitioners, to safeguard children and identify additional support needs of children and their families. Fosters Legal is committed to providing advice and working with parents/carers and children to ensure that each child benefits from our standard of work and services.

The assessment will promote more effective and earlier identification of additional needs for the child, particularly, the universal services. The practice is intended to provide a simple process for a holistic assessment of a child's needs and strengths, taking account of the role of parents, carers and environmental factors on their development.

Thereafter, we will then be better placed to agree, with the child, family and/ or our client as to what support is appropriate.


If you require more information in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us using our "Contact Us page".

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