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At some point in our lives, we just cannot  ignore the need for professional advice. If you have legal problems or a question you will want to seek a qualified professional, but you might not always want to pay for it. Remember always that, legal advice should be given by a qualified professional, but there are circumstances where you may be able to avoid paying huge fees or a fee for obtaining the answer you need. There are places that give legal advice for free. In this section you will find free legal advice that will take you up to a certain point in legal matters. At this point, we may be able to arrange a referral to one of our partners to take your case on if you are eligible for our financial package.

The legal advice on this website is in the form of news posts and articles. The information will be in regards to the latest legal information and analysis for England and Wales. Some of these articles will discuss the latest law cases in more details.

The news posts we supply on our site discuss the current legal happenings in England and Wales. For example recent news about public support action on anti-social behaviour and Family Courts judgments available to the public and, how to comment on it can be found on our site. We know how important the changes in laws and regulations can be for an individual. Cases in the courts dealing with the current laws should be discussed and that is why we have the most up to date news regarding current topics relating to children and family.

Finally, our site provide articles. The articles will deal with topics involving children with the legal world. Our articles may look at the government plans for families, children and the law, others may look at new Bills being introduced in the Commons. All articles may deal with legal issues of a nature regarding families and the law and we would welcome any comments that you may have on the current news.

Our law page has been created to help you gain free information in legal issues. There are times when you do not require to pay a hundred pounds just to get a question answered. Our site is here for you when that time comes. As always, we will tonch on the relevant legal issues with news and articles, but they will in no way replace an independent legal advice when you are ready to take your legal needs to the next level. Our quick legal advice information will help you make that decision if you need to instruct a lawyer to take on your case. We can also make a referral if you are eligible for legal aid.

Please visit our guide to the law page for guidance and information.



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