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Are you an Employer?

With employment law changing so frequently, we are mindful that employers may find it hard to keep up to date with the latest regulations. Yet employment law is currently more complex than it has ever been, as a result of the courts, changes in legislation, the European Union and now Brexit.

The last few years have seen such a radical change in unfair dismissal compensation, new forms of discrimination, changing time limits and now the General Data Protection Regulations. Who knows what changes the next 10 years will bring?

The question is how do you keep on top of these when your priority is running a successful business, not stressing about employment law?

If you are finding that even the basic but essential tasks, such as reviewing your contracts and Staff handbook are taking a back-seat, then it’s time to consider your position.


This is where we come in:

With increasing and evolving regulation, leading to costly disputes and penalties if ignored, as an employer, your liabilities are potentially  considerable. Expert legal advice tailored to suit your requirements is therefore a wise investment.

It doesn’t matter what type of size or business you run, we can help take these challenges off your shoulders, whilst aiming to keep costs as manageable as possible, throughout the course of our work for you. By way of legal advice, we offer practical and ‘hands-on’ support to solving your employment-related problems.


What we Our Offer:

We offer training and seminars to businesses to reduce litigation risks, in line with our belief that  ‘prevention is better than cure’. Please contact us for more information


Are you an Employee?

Employment law is a fast-moving and an ever-changing area of expertise. We advise on all aspects of employment law and will assist you to ensure that you are supported through the whole process, including supporting and assisting you with your grievances, appeals conciliation and mediation process.


We will:

·         explain the law

·         tell you how best to use the law

·         advise you what your best options are

·         Assist you to prepare the correct documents

·         Provide assistance where necessary with your hearings


What to do next.

It will not cost you nothing to contact us to have your case access. Feel free to get in touch with us. We offer an initial telephone consultation to access your case, following which we will be happy to assist.

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