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Code of Conduct and Fees



At Fosters Legal, we placed the interest of our clients above our own and strive to obtain respect for the rule of law. Once we accept a client we offer straight forward and direct advice. We will inform you if we believe you have a case, and give practical advice as to how best to resolve your problem. It is our interest to examine and investigate every possible alternative to resolve the issue before deciding whether Court proceeding is the best way forward. We provide totally non bias advice and will advise you of the chances of success, risks involved if you decide to take a particular cause of action to your case and likely cost from the outset.


We offer fix fees in all cases that we deal with unless the client only wants one off legal advice or work. Because of the goal and vision of the firm to help and assist low income clients, we have been seen as a community focus firm. We will always provide you with an idea of the cost at the outset, and this will be constantly reviewed and updated as your case progresses. We also work with a select network of third party solicitors’ firms and third party barristers in various counties and can speedily get local advice and representation should you need one.

Honesty, integrity and fairness


We at Fosters, shall at all times maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness towards our clients, the courts, colleagues and all those with whom we comes into professional contact with.


Confidentiality/professional secrecy


We at Fosters Legal, shall at all times maintain and be afforded protection of confidentiality regarding the affairs of present or former clients, unless otherwise allowed or required by law and/or applicable rules of professional conduct.

Clients’ freedom

We at Fosters Legal shall respect the freedom of our clients to be represented by a lawyer and firm of their choice. Likewise us, we shall be free to take on or reject a case.

We do not accept service on behalf of our clients where the client is referred to another service


Email and Electronic Documents Disclaimers: 

Fosters Legal LLP makes every effort to ensure that our computers and servers stay free of viruses and computer malware. In the unlikely event you contracted any computer problem as a result of any electronic document, email, attachment, or programme sent by us, we humbly apologies and regret that we will not be held liable in contract or tort for any damage or loss suffered as either a direct or consequential loss of such an event. In opening any electronic document sent by Fosters Legal Ltd, you are accepting our total lack of liability in this regard.

Any email or communication sent by Fosters Legal LLP represents the Firm not the individuals who sent the correspondence. Any correspondence sent on behalf of Fosters Legal LLP, its attachments and contents are confidential to the intended recipient. In the event you receive such a correspondence by mistake, we do apologies and ask that you destroy it 
immediately and notify the sender. In the event you disclose or reproduce such correspondence you could be committing a criminal offence.


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